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Core Skills

I'm Henry, a front-end web developer from Essex, England. In July 2012 I graduated from university with a first class honours and immediately made the transition to a full-time freelancer. I also founded A Bit Good Ltd, which I think of as my work outlet, I keep my full portfolio and web related blog over there, so check it out.

If you'd like me to work in-house for a specific length of time, I am more than willing to travel to almost anywhere in the world. Either way, If you have a project you need help with, contact me below, or fill out my project planner.

P.S - I have experience teaching Wordpress development, HTML/CSS authoring and speaking to agencies and classes - these are some of my favourite things too.

1990 2014

    I have been alive for days

    I have lived of my life


    To see more work, visit my full portfolio on my other site - A Bit Good.


    Personal projects, experiments and random things not fit for work!


    Looking for a project planner? You'll find that on my other site.